CONVERGE 2014 FAQs & Tips

What time should your organization’s representatives arrive?

Booth setup will begin at 1:30 PM and must conclude by 3:30 PM. There will be individuals from Shafer Leadership Academy to help you carry in your display items and direct you to your booth. By 3:30 PM, your booth should be completely set up and you should be ready to meet the CONVERGE 2014 individual participants. We will have a short gathering at 3:30 to share information with all organizations who are participating.

Where can you unload your display materials and receive help to carry them in?

There is a vendor move-in doorway that is connected directly to Delaware Hall #2 at the Horizon Convention Center. All participating organizations need to bring their booth materials through the dock area on the WEST side of the HCC. Shafer Leadership Academy volunteers will be at the dock area to assist you with carrying in your display items. Please do not park along High Street to bring in your booth materials on the East side.

When do you need to have your booth packed up and removed from the HCC?

No booth displays should be taken down during the event due to the disruption of surrounding organizations. CONVERGE will end at 7 pm at which time all organizations can break down their displays. All booth displays and materials need to be out of the HCC by 8:00pm

What specific table materials will be provided?

Each organization in attendance will have a 10’ x 10’ booth equipped with a standard 8 ft. long table, a table cloth, a matching table skirt, and two chairs. Access to electricity will be provided to ALL organizations. Each space will be separated with pipe & draping between and behind each booth.

What materials can you use to set up your tables?

Be Creative! Any display materials that can fit within your table space are acceptable.* Feel free to bring banners, display boards, electronics, and any other presentation materials.*(The Horizon Convention Center has guidelines on how items can be displayed. See the guidelines attached to this packet. Your are responsible for adhering to them).

What items can you give away to attendees?

Any promotional materials such as fliers, brochures, specialty items, etc. can be given to participants. If you would also like to have a door prize drawing at your booth you are welcome to do so. We are expecting 200-300 individuals to attend so plan accordingly. Each attendee will be provided a CONVERGE bag for collecting information and items as they visit the booths.

How do you follow up with CONVERGE 2014 attendees?

Your organization is responsible for following up with the attendees that are interested in the volunteer opportunities your organization is offering. Thus, it is a good idea to bring a general contact form for interested attendees to fill out while they are at your table so you can capture the necessary contact information. Organizations with volunteer applications and contact forms have been more successful in recruiting volunteers in the past. Shafer Leadership Academy will be surveying each attendee to gather feedback on their experience and the impact of their volunteer search. We will survey them the day after CONVERGE and again 90 days after.

How can I promote volunteer opportunities year-round?

Shafer Leadership Academy has created a CONVERGE website that allows nonprofit organizations, free of charge, to post available volunteer opportunities they are recruiting for. Like a job board, individuals can then visit the CONVERGE website and find the opportunities they are most interested in and get involved. See the flier attached to this packet for more information or visit

What food and/or snacks will be available?

Horizon Convention Center will be catering the event. A limited offering of snacks and refreshments will be available for organization representatives and individual attendees throughout the event.

Who do you contact if you have more questions?

Contact Richard Crist at with any further questions you may have.
CONVERGE 2014 Day of Event Hotline – 765-748-0403.

Event Tips

1. Have more than one representative from your organization at your booth

Having multiple representatives from your organization at your booth allows your organization to engage many more potential volunteers and decreases the time individuals may have to wait at your booth to meet and learn about your organization’s volunteer opportunities.

2. Be specific about the volunteer roles your organization is currently seeking to fill

Know the specific details about the volunteer opportunities you are seeking to fill. This includes thinking through things like the skills and qualifications that are preferred for given opportunities, the level of time commitment associated with each, and how soon these roles need to be filled. This allows for better “matching” between organizations and the individual attendees. If possible, have each volunteer opportunity outlined in writing with your organizations contact information on it.

3. Capture attendee names and contact information at your booth

Make sure to outline how you will capture the names and contact information of interested individuals at your booth so you can follow up with them after the event. Not only is this a good idea for your organization but prompt follow-up ensures a good experience for prospective volunteers and is a requirement of all organizations attending.

4. Prepare informational handouts to give away

Make sure to have a flier or brochure detailing your organization’s volunteer opportunities, overall mission and contact information to give to attendees so they can follow up with you as needed.

5. Participate in post event surveys

Shafer Leadership Academy will be conducting two surveys after CONVERGE 2014. The first will be sent immediately after the event to get your initial impressions of your experience. The second will be sent 90 days after the event to evaluate how your organization has benefited from CONVERGE 2014. These surveys are vital to complete as they help us improve the event each year based on your suggestions and evaluate the ultimate impact CONVERGE 2014 had on our community. As a participating organization, Shafer Leadership Academy appreciates your completion of these surveys.

  • About CONVERGE

    Think of the CONVERGE website as a job board for volunteer opportunities. Not-for-profit organizations, free of charge, can post the volunteer opportunities they currently have available. Individuals looking for places to volunteer can then view all the volunteer opportunity postings and find those that match their interests and talents.
  • Community Partner:

    The United Way of Delaware County is proud to partner with CONVERGE and connect volunteers to nonprofit organizations in Delaware County. Visit UWDC's Website >>

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